Respi Case 02

Respi case 02 Case courtesy of Dr Suzy 56 y/o previously works at electronic company, exposure to aluminium U/L childhood BA, initially presented to ED on 20/4/19, complaining SOB, cough for 5/7 and fever for 5 days. No history of sick contact/TB contact, no constitutional symptoms. Upon arrival to ED, pt tachypneic and hypoxic. DescriptionCECT […]

Respi Case 01

Respi 01 Case courtesy of Dr Azril 37 years old, Pulmonary sarcoidosis with Extrapulmonary – gut involvement ( presented with chronic diarrhoea) at HTJ Seremban. Rigid bronchoscopy n& cryobiopsy of lung done 22/12/16- Lung, biopsy, right middle lobe, cryobiopsy — Granulomatous inflammation.Patient has been on Prednisolone for 18 months but has no improvement and her […]