We design our own platform padiecosystem featuring Guru (driver), typically a consultant or senior doctor who is expert in their field. Guru will be able to create their own customised, hands-on workshops, combine with our true-to-life training model solution, created based on real patients’ data. We will then match them with several Protégés (passenger), typically junior doctors or trainee specialists who aspire to be trained or specialise in that particular discipline. We aim for the number of Protégés matched to be small, unlike in a typical commercialised medical conference or workshop, as we would like the Guru to have a close, intimate training and sharing session focussing on what they would do routinely and maintaining the opportunity for every Protégé to have a go at our model.

Lönge Medikal is a strong proponent of patient-based learning. We will support our Gurus in organising their workshops through our innovative medical simulation models.