Medical imaging platform with AI integration

Introducing PADI AI


PadiMedical system supports AI integration which allow improvement
of your daily clinical tasks, facilitate hospital or clinic medical image
management workflow



Products & Solutions We Offer

Cloud PACS

• Provides a platform with web-based ‎and native‎‎‏‏‎ mobile clients for optimal access
• Can be used anywhere at anytime

PadiMedical Clinical Group

• Customized PACS of institutions
• Users can register PCG or join existing PCGs

Secured Sharing Clinical Image

• Smart Share Card with QR code
• Replaces redundant x-ray films and reports

Non-DICOM Image

• Non-DICOM files are automatically converted into DICOM with single-click upload.
• Data can be viewed using OSIMIS, HOROS, RadiAnt and OHIF DICOM viewer.

Anonymization & Data Refinement

• Our anonymizer feature de-identifies confidential patient information to enable data usage for research
• Standardized data refinement eases the medical practitioners to use DICOM data.

AI Deployment Platform

• Provides predictions, probability of predictions and AI operation status for specific images using OHIF viewer.
• COVID-19 detection, diabetic retinopathy classification, intraductal carcinoma classification, and hemorrhage detection AI.

Cloud PACS

• Assists institutional main PACS
• Provides a cloud based PACS with customizable, cost-effective features
• Web-based system for optimal
and remote access


• Join or create institutional PCGs
• Provides privacy and control over medicolegal data.

Medical AI Development & Deployment System

• AI deployment for specific indications detection
• Zero coding AI development platform

Features of Our Products & Solutions

Universal DICOM Viewer

• Open access DICOM viewer
• Free external DICOM viewers

Uploader with
Converting Ability

• Converts images and videos to DICOM automatically during upload
• Data export to other PCGs or institutions
• Secure with password and QR code

QR Smart Card

• Enable case sharing using freely
accessible DICOM viewers
• Secured with QR and access code
• Facilitates reference to hospitals worldwide


• Personalized specific datasets within PCGs
• Enables discussions within specific group of personnel

Universal Operating System Compatibility

A web application supporting Windows and MacOS.

Reporting System

• Request reporting online
• Remotely create reports
• Assign doctor function
for reporting

Second Opinion Platform

• Enables second opinion requests from other specialists in any discipline
• Eliminates traditional time-consuming workflows.

Data Obfuscation

DICOM Anonymizer enables customizable
data anonymization for research and educational purposes

Centralized Data Center

• Local support center and developer
• Local physical server

Data Standardization & Refinement

A secure platform for medical discussion and conferences with accessibility to the patient’s DICOM data











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