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What is PadiMedical?

PadiMedical System is a medical image data controlled-access apps with features of allowing credentialed users to share medical images data in a secured environment. The apps allows engagement with other users including 2nd opinion, medical reporting and conferences. The apps also allows creation of secondary data which may assist with data confidentiality, creation of validated dataset, Big Data analysis and AI.

Who Should use PadiMedical?

PadiMedical is used by medical professionals in diverse specializations – radiologists, cardiologists, nuclear imaging specialists, biomedical researchers, as well as professors, nurses, other healthcare profesionals, students, and patients alike for secure storage, retrieval, and exchange of medical imaging data.

Is PadiMedical free to use?

Paid subscription is needed to access the platform. Only in limited situation, the access is free.

Which documents are supported by PadiMedical?

PadiMedical supports DICOM files obtained from medical imaging (such as ultrasound imaging, MRI, CT, and radiography). PadiMedical also support non Dicom format like JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc to be converted to Dicom.

How can I use PadiMedical?

You need open an account with us with paid subscription. Our HTML5 zero footprint lossless DICOM viewer enables viewing files from multiple devices – desktop PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The medical imaging files can also be shared between doctors, medical groups, and patients while the private information of patients remains protected, allowing a faster and more convenient alternative to regular means of consultation, monitoring, and diagnosing.

How long is patient data stored on PadiMedical?

Uploaded DICOM files remain stored indefinitely as long as the account is active. If an account is cancelled, any uploaded material or primary data as well as patient data is deleted with it.

Yes. Users can anonymize patients data before uploading it to PadiMedical, removing any personal information, making it adequate for educational and scientific usage, and protecting the right and privacy of the patient.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we can be reached at [email protected] The PadiMedical team is dedicated to providing the best service to their users and is open to any suggestions, opinions, and requests.